Housing Details

Ice House Complex

Ice House ComplexThe Ice House is one of 11 apartment-style residence halls for upperclass students. It is located on the south side of campus, just a short walk from most academic buildings.

The Ice House apartment complex houses a total of 101 students in four-, five-, and six-person apartments among three separate buildings (Ice House G, H and I). 

All bathrooms in the Ice House apartment complex as described below accommodate one person at a time, therefore each bathroom is gender-neutral.

Ice House G (apartments 201-203) consists of three six-person townhouses.  Each of these apartments has three double bedrooms -- one on the first floor, two on the second floor.  Each apartment also has a full kitchen, dining area, and living room.   There are also two full baths, one on each floor, in each apartment in Ice House G.  

Ice House H (apartments 104-108 and 204-308) is an apartment complex with three floors of four-person apartments; there are five apartments on each floor for a total of 15 apartments.  Each apartment has two double bedrooms, full kitchen, dining and living room areas, and one full bathroom. 

Ice House I (apartments 109-113) consists of two four-person and three five-person townhouses.   All townhouses in Ice House I have a full kitchen, a dining area and living room.  The four-person apartments have two double bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, while the five-person apartments have two double bedrooms, one single bedroom, and two full baths. 

All apartments in the Ice House complex have a full kitchen (including a full-size refrigerator and range) and the dining area includes a table with chairs. Kitchens are not equipped with microwave ovens, dinnerware or cookware. Each bedroom has carpeting and built-in closet space, a desk, a dresser, and an extra-long bed (38 inches x 80 inches x 6 1/2 inches) for each resident.  Students may contact Facilities Services at 717-337-6700 to request the additional pieces necessary to bunk their bed.  There is approximately 15 inches between the floor and the bottom of the bed.  To gain additional storage space below the bed, students may use bed risers. 

The living room furniture consists of a sofa, one or two chairs and an end table.

Helpful Facts:

Housing Rate Plan 2
Meal plan required No
Year built
Capacity 101
Residential floors N/A
Number of 2-person apartments 0
Number of 3-person apartments 0
Number of 4-person apartments 17
Number of 5-person apartments 3
Number of 6-person apartments 3
Type of bed frame(s) in each bedroom 

Ice House H only = Metal (can be bunked)

Ice House G & I = Wood (can be bunked/lofted)

Bathroom within each apartment Yes
Kitchen within each apartment Yes
ADA accessible Partially
Elevator No
Open for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks Yes
Air conditioned Yes
Laundry location 209 and 133 N. Washington, Lamp Post, or Smith House (card accessible)
Trash location Dumpster in parking lot
Wireless connection (W=wireless, D=data jack) W & D