Gettysburg College Official Email Address Policy

It is the policy of Gettysburg College that students are assigned an official email address upon initial matriculation to the college and are required to use and review their official email address when communicating with college faculty and administration. The campus e-mail service uses OWA and students can check their GC email accounts on a regular basis both on and off campus at any time.

It is the policy of the College that the faculty and administration will communicate only with the student’s official college email address. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their official emails are opened and read at all times.

Students may choose to forward their official email to another off-campus email address using the Outlook tool for forwarding emails. If a student does this, a forwarding record will be sent to the campus mail server to automatically forward mail from their official email address to the student’s off-campus email address.

College Navigation (CNAV) offers a special feature which permits students to change their Primary Display Email Address in CNAV from the Gettysburg College official email address to another off-campus email address of their choice (e.g. Student’s off-campus email addresses will appear in CNAV campus directories and groups alias mailings. Students wishing to receive e-mail at an off-campus e-mail address are encouraged to forward their official e-mail to that address using the Outlook tool as described above, rather than changing their Primary Display E-mail Address in CNAV.

In addition, students changing their preferred Primary Display email address in CNAV should be aware that there are other data systems on campus which maintain student official email address and are NOT updated with Primary Display email address changes made in CNAV. The Outlook email tool, which is used by all College faculty and administration and the majority of GC students, contains a list of all campus email addresses and does not reflect an off-campus email address which may have been changed via the CNAV preferred email address. Official college email messages will continue to be sent to a student’s official college email address, regardless of any changes that the student may make in CNAV. It is the student's responsibility to regularly check their Official College email account.

Faculty and administration are encouraged to look up a student’s official college email address using Microsoft Outlook when that address is not available in CNAV or in printed campus directories because a student has changed their NAV Primary Display Email Address. In addition, faculty and administration should be aware that CNAV tools will generally use a student’s CNAV Primary Display Email Address, whether or not that is the student’s official college email address. Gettysburg College will not be held responsible for any missed correspondence that has been sent or forwarded to an address other than the official Gettysburg College email address.