Smoking Policy

There is extensive data within the scientific community that illustrates the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on non-smokers. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has classified second-hand smoke as a Class A carcinogen, a classification reserved for the most lethal environmental hazards, such as asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde and radon. Research has linked secondhand smoke to lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, middle ear infections, and nasal and eye irritation. The use of tobacco products is the leading cause of preventable illness and early death.

In an effort to promote a healthy, comfortable and productive work environment for the employees and students of Gettysburg College, the College has become a smoke- free workplace. Smoking in any form is prohibited inside all college-owned or leased buildings including both residential and non-residential buildings and all recognized student housing including fraternities. In addition, smoking is prohibited in any college-owned or rented vehicles. Smoking includes tobacco products or the use of electronic cigarettes and vapes. Individuals who choose to smoke must smoke outside and must stand at least 15 feet away from any campus building. For employees, the enforcement of this policy will rest with the individual supervisor in consultation with the College’s Risk Manager. For students, enforcement of this policy will rest with the Office of College Life. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action for employees and students. Information about smoking cessation is available through the Human Resources Office.