Organizational Misconduct Policy

Gettysburg College defines organizational misconduct as any act directed toward or an action required of an individual by an organization when the required act or action:

  1. Is a condition of new or ongoing membership in a student club or organization, athletic team, club sport, intramural team, band or performance group, or academic organization/society or as a condition of participation in an organizational activity; and,
  2. Places unreasonable limitations on another person’s activities or ability to engage or associate with others; imposes unreasonable requirements of physical appearance or dress; includes assignment of tasks or actions which are demeaning or subjects the person to excessive embarrassment or ridicule; consists of required servitude; or, organizational penalties or sanctions are applied for non-conformity; and,
  3. Has not been authorized by a designated employee of the College. Designated employees are defined as full-time staff members who work in offices or departments that grant recognition to and oversee the operations of a group, team, or organization. Such employees include the Associate Provost, Head Coaches, and the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life staff.

Gettysburg College prohibits Organizational Misconduct as described in this policy. It shall not be a defense that the consent of the student was sought or obtained.

Any member of the College community who believes they have witnessed, experienced, or are aware of Organizational Misconduct should report the concerns to the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life at 6304 or use the Community Concern Form.

Organizational misconduct violations are subject to the sanctions in the Code of Conduct up to and including suspension or expulsion.