Sanctioning Guidelines


The table below provides general sanctioning recommendations by level of violation. This table
is meant to serve as a guideline only and does not limit the College’s discretion and right to impose any particular sanction or sanctions as it deems appropriate based upon the facts and circumstances of a particular matter. There will be times that a violation may fall under a different level than the one listed below or an alternative sanction is most appropriate. Each sanctioning determination will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Level One Violations


Potential Sanctions (may be one or more of the options below depending on severity of incident and conduct history)

Possession/Consumption of Alcohol


Educational Sanctions (Know Your Limit, BASICS, Marijuana Program or Counseling Assessment)

Parental Notification

Coach Notification

Center for Student Success Notification

Restorative Justice Conference

Public Drunkenness (for students over age 21)

Possession of open container of alcohol

Providing Alcohol to an underage person

Possession or Use of Marijuana

Hosting in your place of residence an event with alcohol or marijuana

Damaging College Property or property of another

Participating in any drinking games. Actual playing in the drinking game.

Failure to cooperate with a College official or local law enforcement official.

Disruptive Conduct/public behavior (excessive public noise, public drunkenness, public urination, screaming/cursing in public, arrest, other forms of public disorderly conduct

Possession or use of a False ID and/or providing false information to a College official

Abuse of the Conduct System

Animals on Campus

Information Technology Policies

Community Living Standards

Failure to Comply


Violation of Other College Policies

Bias – name calling

Level Two Violations


Potential Sanctions (may be one or more of the options below depending on severity of incident and conduct history)

3rd Level One Violation

Probation for one semester

Prohibited from studying in an off campus/study abroad program

Prohibited from joining a Greek organization

Prohibited from living off campus


Loss of Privileges

Behavioral Contract

Hosting in your place of residence an event with distilled spirits, alcohol energy drinks, or synthetic marijuana

Possession of a large common source of alcohol (keg, barrel, punch, alcohol/juice

Life and Fire Safety

Minor Theft

Minor Vandalism

Disrespect of Property

Unauthorized Fraternity or Sorority Membership

Unauthorized Recording

Bias – Slurs or Epithet

Level Three Violations


Potential Sanctions (may be one or more of the options below depending on severity of incident and conduct history)

4th Level One Violation

2nd Level Two Violation



Revocation of degree

No Contact Directive

Residential Relocation

Residential Separation

Possession or Use of illegal drugs other than marijuana

Harassment and Bullying

Drugs (Selling/Distributing)

Drinking and Driving (DUI) (includes on bike or electronic scooter)

Harm to Persons


Major Theft

Major Vandalism

Weapons and Explosives

Abuse of Animals


Violations of Law

Network Use Policy Violation

Bias – Violence that targets someone because of their identity


Disclosure to Crime Victims

Upon written request, Gettysburg College will disclose to the victim the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the College regarding allegations that would constitute a crime of violence or a non- forcible sex offense.

Parental Notification

For cases involving reported conduct where: (A) a student is alleged to have committed acts that would, if proven, constitute the following offenses or attempts to commit the following offenses including Arson, Assault Offenses, Burglary, Criminal Homicide- manslaughter by negligence, Criminal homicide- murder and non-negligent manslaughter, Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of property, Kidnapping/abduction, Robbery, or Forcible Sex Offenses; and, (B) the allegations have been addressed through the procedures set forth in this Policy; and (C) through those procedures, the student has been determined to have violated this Policy, the College may notify the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) of the final result of the disciplinary proceeding. The disclosure of the final result will only include the name of the student, the violation committed and any sanction imposed by the College against the student.