Wi-Fi upgrades to deliver best-in-class network capabilities

This summer, Gettysburg College will launch a two-year capital project to upgrade its campus Wi-Fi and meet the community’s growing need for fast, secure, and reliable internet.

The $2.4 million upgrade will deliver best-in-class network capabilities to today’s Gettysburg students and faculty-scholars.

“I am excited about this needed and critical capital Wi-Fi project,” said Rod Tosten ’85, Vice President of Information Technology. “This upgrade will enhance the academic, co-curricular, and social experience of every Gettysburg College student.”

Aerial view of campus

Information Technology will be installing over 1,135 new wireless access points in more than 85 campus buildings and outdoor locations, along with supporting network hardware, fiber, and CAT 6A copper wiring. This work will increase network speeds to campus buildings, improve network security, increase Gettysburg’s fiber footprint, and provide the necessary bandwidth to support faculty and student research.

“I am thrilled to see that Gettysburg College is taking effective action to ensure students receive high-quality internet access,” said Student Senate President Drew Lemon ’24. “A strong network is essential for all students to continue with their academic and extracurricular work, no matter where they are on campus. I am grateful that the College has committed to this important upgrade, and I can speak for all students when I say this will be an awesome enhancement to campus life.”

A student and professor looking at a monitor

Phase 1 of the capital project will target campus locations with aged network equipment or that actively experience greater stress due to demand on our wireless system. During this phase, IT will upgrade Wi-Fi in over 25 residence halls, the Dining Hall, Musselman Library, College Union Building, and popular outdoor areas by the end of Fall 2024. By prioritizing these marquee locations, the College seeks to ensure the greatest number of students benefit from the enhanced connectivity upon their return to campus.

Phase 2, scheduled to start in Spring 2025, will focus on the remaining residence halls and all academic and administrative buildings. This phase will be completed by the end of Fall 2025.

Progress updates will be shared on the IT website.

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Posted: 02/29/24