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Paul Austerlitz


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PhD Wesleyan University, 1993
MA Wesleyan University, 1986
MA Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1984
MA Bennington College, 1979

Ethnomusicologist and jazz musician Paul Austerlitz is the author of two books: Jazz Consciousness: Music, Race, and Humanity (2005, Wesleyan University Press) and Merengue: Dominican Music and Dominican Identity (1997, Temple University Press). Jazz Consciousness was awarded the Merriam Award for Outstanding Book in Ethnomusicology by the Society for Ethnomusicology and an Honorable Mention for the Woody Guthrie Award by the International Society for the Study of Popular Music. It focuses on issues of race, nation, and transnationalism, looking at jazz in relation to national identity in the US, pan-Africanism, and global currents. Merengue considers Dominican music in relation to racial and national identity and has been translated into Spanish (2007, Ministry of Culture and Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic). Austerlitz has also edited a critical edition of musical scores entitled Machito and his Afro-Cubans: Transcriptions and Arrangements (2018, American Musicological Society and A&R Editions). 

He is currently preparing an edition of interviews with Dominican musicians entitled Los gigantes del merengue: en sus propias palabras (The Giants of Merengue: In their Own Words). Austerlitz is also active as a jazz composer and musician specializing in the bass and contrabass clarinets and has completed residencies at the Yaddo and Omi artist colonies.  He has recorded several albums of original music combining jazz with music from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, West Africa, and Finland, the country of his birth.  
Courses taught:
AFS-244         Jazz: African American Classical Music
AFS 251         Topics in Musicology: Global - Music of the Caribbean
AFS 318         Africana Music: Juju to Hip Hop  AFS-318
MUS  126       Jazz Improvisation