East Asian Studies

Yoko Nishimura

Assistant Professor

Asian Studies



Campus Box 0441


Breidenbaugh Hall
Room 212 D
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


BS Loyola University Chicago, 2000
MA UCLA, 2002
PhD UCLA, 2008

Yoko Nishimura has research skills and teaching experience in the archaeology, history, religions, and languages of ancient East Asia, particularly those of ancient Japan. By focusing on the material cultures of, and the historical documents about, the peoples in this region since the prehistoric time periods, Nishimura’s research and teaching interest extends to include cross-cultural relations between the areas known today as Japan, China, and Korea, as a distinct, interactive geographical unit.

Her research interest centers around the material culture and everyday activities of non-elite inhabitants in their dwelling and mortuary contexts within houses or residential neighborhoods. Nishimura is particularly interested in quotidian objects used in the houses and graves of the J?mon-period communities in Japan. For instance, in one of her recent publications, she investigated how everyday items, such as body ornaments, had their role transformed to serve as grave goods in individual tombs.