East Asian Studies

Jing Li

Associate Professor

Asian Studies



Campus Box 0441


Breidenbaugh Hall
Room 212E
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


PhD University of Pennsylvania, 2004
MA Peking University, 1997
BA Peking University, 1993

Jing Li is an Associate Professor of Chinese in the East Asian Studies department at Gettysburg College. Her research interests include ethnic tourism and cultural transformations in southwest China, gender and folklore, Chinese folklore scholarship, ethnic literature, film, and performing arts in China, folktale and contemporary filmic adaptations. 

Courses taught

Beginning Chinese (CHN101 and CHN102), Intermediate Chinese (CHN201 and CHN 202), Advanced Chinese (CHN301), "Travel Writing, Tourism and Culture in China (AS/ANTH 229)", "Chinese Folklore: Going to the People (AS 224)", and "Folktales and Fairy Tales: From Grimm Brothers to China (AS227)".

Recent publications

2016. “The Love Story, Female Images, and Gender Politics: Folktale Films in the People’s Republic of China (PRC),” in Fairy Tale Films Beyond Disney: International Perspectives. Edited by Zipes, Jack, Pauline Greenhill and Kendra Magnus-Johnston, 180-195. Routledge.

2015. Co-editor of Asian Ethnology Special Issue: “Chinese Folklore Studies: Toward Disciplinary Maturity

(With Dr. Thomas DuBois, Australian National University & Dr. Mu Peng, Beijing Normal University) Vol. 74 (2).

2015. “Chinese Folklore Studies: Toward Disciplinary Maturity”. Asian Ethnology Vol. 74 (2): 259-272.

2014. “Yinxiang Poshuijie: jiaozhi yu guojia, difang, minjian yishi zhong de minzu jieqing lüyou (The Water Splashing Festival: Ethnic Tourism and the Performing of the State Ritual, Regionalism, and Folkness).”(Minsu Yanjiu) (Folklore Studies) Vol. 1 (105), 45-57.

2013. The Making of Ethnic Yunnan on the National Mall: minority folksong and dance performances, provincial Identity, and 'the artifying of politics (zhengzhi yishuhua)'. Modern China Vol. 39 (1): 69-100.

2012. “Meiguo nüxingzhuyi minsuxue yanjiu de lilun zhi lu (1970s-1990s)(On the Way Toward Theory: American Feminist Folklore Studies: 1970s-1990s).” (Minsu Yanjiu) (Folklore Studies) Vol. 4 (104): 116-127.

2012. The Body as Experienced: An Embodied Approach to the Packaging of the Dai  River Bathing Custom in
 Xishuang Banna, China. Asian Ethnicity Vol. 13 (2): 115-134.

2012. The Folkloric, the Spectacular, and the Institutionalized: Touristifying Ethnic Minority Dances on China’s Southwest Frontiers. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change Vol. 10 (1): 65-83.