Voices of Rebellion in American History

Voices of Rebellion in American History


This major was designed to concentrate on American history and develop the student's personal historical interests. The student selected courses from the departments of Education, History, Civil War Era Studies, Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy to examine ideals of American rebels through different academic lenses.

Related Courses:

ED 209 Social Foundations of Education

FYS 178-2A Voice of the Rebel in America

ED 306 Teaching Social Studies

HIST 342 Revolutionary America

HIST 300 Historical Methods

CWES 337 Reconstruction and the Legacy of the American Civil War

HIST 238 African-American History

ECON 211 American Economic History

HIST 334 Law and Society in United States History

POL 225 American Constitutional Law

PHIL 226 Philosophy of Resistance

IDS 464 Individualized Study

Graduation year: 2015