Journalism and the New Media

Journalism and the New Media


This student saw designing her own major as an indication of her determination and character strength.  She considered it to be a selling point, opening up future opportunities by setting her apart as a student with initiative and imagination.

Journalism and New Media comprises a list of courses both pertinent to a Journalism Major and applicable to the job field in general. While this is a Gettysburg College major, coursework on campus has been supplemented with a course taken off-campus: Reporting for Newbies at New York University. The class provides exposure in gathering, writing, evaluating and reporting news, using the East village of New York City as its laboratory. The course will complement Gettysburg’s Journalistic Writing class, which offers a stronger concentration on writing techniques and conventions for reporting. English courses will help to develop a convincing tone of writing, crucial to writing any type of journalistic story: news, fashion advice, features, etc. Classes in sociology, psychology, and political science will provide background on how people react to media and, thus, facilitate an understanding of how to write for the public.

The capstone for this major will link to a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. It will focus on the way in which different cultures portray women in media; much of the fieldwork will be accomplished while studying abroad.

Related Courses:
JOUR 21 (NYU) Reporting for Newbies
JOUR 203 Journalistic Writing
ENG 201 Writing the Public Essay
ENG 205 Creative Writing
FILM 272 Intro to Documentary Film
SOC 204 Sociology of Mass Media & Popular Culture
FILM 220 Video Production
FILM 290 TV History and Criticism
ENG 306 Writing the Memoir
ENG 304 Writing the Personal Essay
SOC 302 Research Methods
IDS 464 Indivualized Study - Research
Graduation year: 2014