Museum Studies

Museum Studies


This major focuses on the efforts of museums to interpret and explain history, cultures and the arts. The student will question the roles of museums in societies, the manners in which museums interpret and present history, and the public interest in museums. The courses involved in this major have been selected to teach the analysis of artifacts, the reasons that values are placed on artifacts, the proper methods of conducting social research, and hands on experience with museum professionals via internships.

Related Courses:

ANTH 234 – Principles of Archeology

ANTH 274 – Practicum of Archeological Analysis

ANTH 301 – Social Life of Things

ANTH 475 – Internship, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

SOC 302 – Social Research Methods

ANTH 474 – Internship, Arts Semester at American University

VAH 228 – Art of the First Nations of North America: Far North & West

AMERICAN UNIV. – Arts Semester I

AMERICAN UNIV. – Arts Semester II

IDS 464 – Senior Thesis

Graduation year: 2003