Administrative Perspectives on Diversity

Administrative Perspectives on Diversity


This major was designed with the intention of preparing the student to become a middle school history teacher, and to adhere to the primary goals of a liberal arts education. By taking a curriculum which encompasses courses from all spectrums of the subject - civics, social studies, Afro-Asian, American history, African history and culture, women’s history, etc. – she would have background across a broad content area. The courses represent many different components of history, important because history builds upon itself.

Related Courses:

EDUC 220 Urban Education

EDUC 306 Teaching Social Studies

OMS 270 Organizational Behavior

OMS 439 Leadership Theories

EDUC 336 Stats for Classroom Assessment & Educational Research

HIST 249 American Intellectual History

EDUC 299 Language, Culture, and Immigration

AFS 318 Africana Music: Juju to Hip Hop

WGS 222 Women's Movements in the U.S.

REL 274 Religion and Democracy in the U.S.

AFS 267 Race, Gender, and the Law
IDS 464 Individualized Study

Graduation year: 2014