English Achievement through Writing

English Achievement through Writing


This major was designed to prepare the student for teaching English with an emphasis on creative writing. The major includes courses from the departments of Africana Studies, Education, and English to examine the benefits of creative writing in the educational system. As a capstone project, the student investigated the relationship between standardized test scores and creative writing abilities.

Related Courses:

ENG 299 Critical Methods

ENG 205 Intro to Creative Writing

ENG 209 Social Foundations of Education

AFS 280 African American English Language in Black and White

EDU 340 Teaching Students with Diverse Needs

EDU 336 Statistics for Classroom Assessment and Educational Research

EDUC 201 Educational Psychology

ENG 301 Writing Short Fiction

EDU 405 Classroom Research in the Content Area

EDU 331 Reading and Language Art Method

IDS 464 Individualized Study - Senor Capstone

EDU 299 Language, Culture, and Immigration

Graduation year: 2015