The Job Market

Recent studies have shown that people who speak two or more languages have significantly better cognitive abilities. They improve their memory, critical thinking, planning skills, as well as ability to multi-task. Moreover, not only do multilingual people have insights into the social and intellectual life of other persons, but they also gain a better understanding of their own culture. All these factors, in addition to improve your first language, expand your career opportunities, especially in the US. It is not a secret that job market is competitive. However, the ability to speak a second language will make you significantly more attractive to prospective employers. Some examples? Here is a list of job placements for students with a major or a minor in Italian:

  • Web editor
  • Interpreter/translator
  • International relations specialist
  • Editorial assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Diplomat
  • Attorney
  • Artificial intelligence
  • FBI/NSA agent
  • Legislative assistant
  • Human rights worker
  • Foreign news correspondent
  • Financial analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • Human resources specialist
  • Advertiser
  • Fashion industry
  • International marketing
  • Medical professions
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Librarian

From fashion, graphic design, and art to business, marketing, and science your opportunities are unlimited! Imagine your career in Italian. Speak Italian, enjoy Italian, and have fun! See the following video for an inspiring perspective on Italy and what the country has to offer beyond its stereotypes.