Bret E. Crawford





Campus Box 0405


Masters Hall
Room 105
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


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PhD Duke University, 1997
MA Duke University, 1995
MS University of Vermont, 1991
BS University of South Carolina, 1989

Bret Crawford received his B.S. in electrical engineering at the University of South Carolina, an M.S. in physics from the University of Vermont, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in physics from Duke University. His research area is experimental nuclear physics, focusing on high-precision tests of fundamental interactions.  He is currently involved in neutron spin rotation measurements seeking exotic interactions beyond the standard model at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and a measurement of the neutron lifetime at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  He, along with fellow Gettysburg physics professor Sharon Stephenson and many of our physics majors, developed a 250-keV proton accelerator laboratory here at the College; the 1960's era accelerator was generously donated by the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory.  Prof. Crawford teaches courses throughout the major as well as a course on the physics of music for non-science majors and a course on energy and the environment for the Environmental Studies department.