Major & Minor

Course Requirements for the Spanish Major

Spanish majors study a combination of language, linguistics, culture, and literature. The Spanish major includes 9 courses above the 300 level:

  • Either SPANISH 301 (Spanish Composition, Conversation & Culture) or SPANISH 302 (Composition, Conversation, & Culture for Heritage Learners of Spanish). A grade of “C” or better in 301/302 is a prerequisite for all upper level courses.
  • SPANISH 305 - Textual Cultures: Methods and Theories (Prerequisite for Spanish 350-379)
  • Six (6) advanced Spanish classes (three may be taken abroad).
  • SPANISH 400 (Seminar): This is the senior capstone experience for all Spanish majors.

The Spanish major includes, as can be seen above, 9 courses above the 300 level. Five of these courses, including 301/302, 305, 400, and three advanced classes, must be taken at Gettysburg College. Study abroad is not required but strongly recommended. If students go abroad one semester in a program approved by the Spanish Department, they can bring back three advance courses for the completion of their Spanish major. None of these 9 courses can be taken S/U.

Course Requirements for the Spanish Minor

Four courses beyond the required Spanish 301 (or 302) and Spanish 305.

Three courses must be taken at Gettysburg College; must include Span 301/302 and Spanish 305.

Spanish minors complete Spanish 301/302 (which must be taken at Gettysburg), Spanish 305, and four (4) other classes beyond Spanish 305. Students must take 3 courses at Gettysburg. Up to 3 courses may be taken at approved Study Abroad programs. None of these 6 courses can be taken S/U.