Theatre Arts

Juls Buehrer

Professional Costumer

Theatre Arts



Campus Box 0428


Brua Hall

300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400


BA Penn State University, 2004

Juls Buehrer (Scenic Charge Artist, Costume Designer, Costume Shop Supervisor)—Juls is a 2004 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University’s Integrative Arts Program where she completed a combined study of scenic painting and fine art painting. Following graduation she moved to Ithaca, New York where she painted scenery for the Kitchen Theatre, a small but inspired theatre company. In 2007, Juls and her husband Kurt moved to the small town of Hamilton, New York. There, Juls focused on her fine art career and her work took a steady turn towards realism and landscape. Two years later, Kurt and Juls packed up again for a move to Gettysburg, PA. Here, Juls has continued her fine art endeavors with a new focus on Gettysburg. She began painting for the Theatre Department in 2010 and became manager of the costume shop in November 2014. Since then Juls has added the role as Costume Designer for the department and is convinced that she has the best job in the world. To keep track of all Juls’ creative adventures visit her website at