Gettysburg College Alumni Association

The Gettysburg College Alumni Association helps the more than 30,000 Gettysburg alumni around the world stay connected to each other and to the College.

All Gettysburg alumni are members of the Gettysburg College Alumni Association.

The main governing body of the Gettysburg College Alumni Association is the Alumni Board of Directors. The Board provides overarching guidance and direction to the Alumni Association, promotes the College's values, and coordinates a variety of initiatives that benefit alumni and the College as a whole. In this capacity, the Board supports fundraising efforts, directs alumni award programs, promotes Homecoming and Reunion, helps students connect with alumni mentors, assists alumni clubs around the country, and oversees a number of other programs.

The Alumni Board's 24 members are elected by members of the Alumni Association to serve four-year terms. Six new Board members are elected each year. 

Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Alumni Association Awards.

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