Alumni Association

Organized in 1835, three years after the founding of the College, the Gettysburg College Alumni Association is one of the oldest alumni organizations in the country. Today, more than 30,000 alumni worldwide belong to the Association. Membership is given to graduates of Gettysburg College as well as to students who completed at least one credit at Gettysburg and who wish to belong after or when their original class graduates.

The Association's mission, as articulated in the Association's Constitution, is to “stimulate and vitalize interest in the welfare of Gettysburg College and to foster a lifetime of learning and community among its alumni and friends.”

The Association sponsors a number of programs that help alumni maintain lifelong connections with each other and with their alma mater. These include alumni club functions in areas around the country, and Alumni Reunion and Homecoming Weekends. The Association also sponsors the Student Alumni, which enhances the collegiate experience through interaction with alumni.

Alumni loyalty also is demonstrated through generous contributions to the Gettysburg Fund, the Orange & Blue Club, the endowment, and other capital funds. As a philanthropic institution, the College looks to alumni and other friends for support of its educational mission. Every Gettysburg student benefits directly from this tradition of philanthropy. The Association is governed by a board composed of 24 Directors, and one ex-officio Director. The Board of Directors meets three times throughout the year to focus on various alumni issues. The directors will call upon other alumni to sit on committees and assist with projects as deemed necessary. There will also be an annual meeting of the Alumni Association at each Alumni Reunion Weekend, which all alumni are invited to attend.

Board members are elected by the entire Alumni Association to serve a four-year term. The nominating committee will submit twelve names every two years for election to the board. In its search for candidates that nominating committee will publish notices in various College publications, soliciting recommendations for board nominees. Nominations may also be submitted by petition. Any alumni interested in serving on the board in the future should contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

The directors want to hear from you about topics of interest and importance to College alumni. Please contact them with your thoughts. Your involvement is vital to the ongoing success of the Gettysburg College Alumni Association.

Download the Alumni Association Bylaws.

Download the Alumni Association Constitution.