Student Alumni Association

"Linking the Past to the Future"

You are a student for only four years and an alum for life - and that means you're a Gettysburgian for life! The Gettysburg College Student Alumni can help equip you with the connections and skills necessary to be a successful student and alum, so that your four years on campus can be the beginning of a fantastic experience with Gettysburg.

Why join GCSA?

Can you imagine your college years without spirit or traditions, without direction for your future, or without opportunities to socialize with other students? Can you imagine your college years without the support of family? Neither can we. As a part of GCSA, you'll always have a network and community of friends whether you are nearby or far from home. We provide you with the events, opportunities and resources to help you make the most of college - and make lasting connections with fellow students, alumni and the College along the way. If you are interested in joining the Gettysburg College Student Alumni, either attend one of our meetings or contact