BOLD Council

The BOLD Council is the advisory group to the young alumni program.

The Council provides guidance and direction to the young alumni program and works to enhance the connection between the College and our alumni of the last decade. The BOLD Council supports fundraising efforts, promotes young alumni events, and works with alumni in residence to ensure the connection is not lost once they leave Gettysburg College.

BOLD Council Applications for the June 1, 2016-May 31, 2019 term are now closed.  We will open applications for next year on November 1, 2016. 

For more information about the BOLD Council and membership responsibilities, please read through the following documents.

BOLD Council Member Position Description

BOLD Council Policies and Procedures

Current BOLD Council Members 2015-2016

Louisa Polos


Louisa Polos '08
Danbury, CT


Alex Ferraro


Alex Ferraro '12
Vice Chair
Pittsburgh, PA


Jake Asplundh


Jake Asplundh '10
Baltimore, MD


Courtney Babiarz Hughes


Courtney Babiarz Hughes '07
Bradenton, FL


Laura Baldasarre


Laura Baldasarre '12
Communications Chair
Philadelphia, PA


Shannon Callahan


Shannon Callahan '15
Washington, DC


Sarah Cardwell


Sarah Cardwell '15
Washington, DC


John Carney


John Carney '12
Baltimore, MD


Arielle Distasio


Arielle Distasio '12
Arlington, VA


Vivian Ebhojiaye


Vivian Ebhojiaye '07
Washington, DC


Katie Eissler Thiel


Katie Eissler Thiel '10
Philadelphia, PA


Lexie O. Grant


Lexie O. Grant '11
New Cumberland, PA


Edmund Hardy


Edmund Hardy '09
Harrisburg, PA


Brian Johnson


Brian Johnson '14
Saline, MI


Alexa Mahinka


Alexa Mahinka '10
Arlington, VA


Matthew Maynard


Matthew Maynard '14
Bristol, CT


Lauren Meehan


Lauren Meehan Keefe '09
Career Chair
Alexandria, VA


John Nelson


John Nelson '13
South Bend, IN


Anthony Palmer


Anthony Palmer '13
Washington, DC


Fred Reimer


Fred Reimer '07
London, United Kingdom


Kyle Rhood


Kyle Rhood '08
Development Chair
Media, PA


Allison Schofield


Allison Schofield '11
Gettysburg, PA


Shane Swink


Shane Swink '13
Philadelphia, PA


Liz Williams


Liz Williams '13
Pittsburgh, PA


Marci Zimmerman


Marci Zimmerman Henkoff '11
New York, NY