Talking History: Facebook Live Programming for Spring and Summer

Talking History: Facebook Live Programming for Spring and Summer

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel our June conference, we are still working hard to foster engaging and accessible conversations about the history of the Civil War era. Please join CWI Director Peter Carmichael and digital historian & tech whiz John Heckman, aka “The Tattooed Historian” for biweekly Zoom conversations with historians across the country (including some of our own talented Gettysburg College student historians). To follow along with any of these conversations LIVE, tune in to the CWI Facebook page at 7:00 pm on the day of the program (or on June 13 at the times below). Livestreamed conversations are recorded and available for watching (or rewatching) anytime on our Facebook page or through the CWI Zoom Programming Playlist on the Gettysburg College YouTube channel.


April 27: Caroline Janney, "Lee's Army After Appomattox"

April 30: Zachery Fry, “Loyalty and Disloyalty in the Army of the Potomac”

May 4: Benjamin Roy ‘21, “In the Same Trench? Comparing the Fighting Men of WWI and the Civil War”

May 7: Brian Luskey, “Bounty Broker, Substitutes and the Frauds of Northern Free Labor”

May 11: Beth A Parnicza, “How Should Americans Remember Appomattox?”

May 14Judkin Browning and Tim Silver, “An Environmental History of the Civil War”

May 18: Mike Movis and Lorien Foote, “Are Civil War Round Tables Dying?”

May 21: Aaron Sheehan-Dean, “Cruelty and Restraint: Violence in the Civil War”

May 25: Carolyn Hauk ‘21, “Ben Butler and the Women of New Orleans”

May 27: Jim Downs, “The History of Freedpeople, Smallpox and COVID-19”

May 28:  Erica Uzsak ‘22, “A Civil War Treasure: Si Klegg and His Pard”

June 1: Megan Kate Nelson, “The Three-Cornered War: The Union, the Confederacy, and Native Peoples in the Fight for the West”

June 8: Kevin Levin, “Black Confederates”

June 11: Nina Silber, “Using the Civil War to Fight World War II”

June 15: Michael Woods, "Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and the Struggle for American Democracy"

June 18: Joe Reidy, "Illusions of Emancipation"

June 22: Rachel Shelden, “Why the Political History of the Civil War Matters”

June 25: Lindsay Privette, "The Medical History of the Vicksburg Campaign"   



9:30 – 10:30 AM: Scott Hartwig, “Reflections on the Antietam Campaign”

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Jennifer Murray, “Meade at Gettysburg”

3:00 – 4:30 PM: “Walking Pickett’s Charge,” with Christopher GwinnJim BroomallJohn Heckman, and Peter Carmichael