Race to the White House: Inside the 2024 Presidential Election Campaign

Episode 7

As we hurtle toward the US Presidential Election of 2024, the landscape of the campaign is fraught with questions that weigh heavily on the minds of voters. How are the Democratic and Republican Parties crafting their campaigns to distinguish themselves? How do they intend to address the pressing concerns of their respective demographics? What key factors should the new generation of voters be vigilant about? Join host Adhara Ayndrila and Jim Miller, Managing Shareholder at Bernstein Shur, as they delve into the intricacies of the race to the White House.

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Past Episodes

Episode 6: AI and the Evolution of Learning

Generative Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the world. How are the recent trends in the development of AI reshaping educational models? What are the ethical concerns and implications of using AI in learning? Should we allow the students to use AI in their learning process? Join host Adhara Ayndrila and Dr. Melissa Forbes, advisor for the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching & Learning, as they discuss the influence of AI in learning and what the future of education looks like.

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Episode 5: The Future of Cybersecurity and AI

Gettysburg College students join host Andrew Lemon to discuss America's biggest cyber threats, new countries identified as hotbeds for cyber attacks, and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on campus and beyond. Anthony Choi, a data science minor, focuses on operations and platforms. Patrick Mahoney, a public policy student headed to law school, adds an interesting legal and policy perspective.

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Episode 4: Russia’s Assault on Ukraine: Energy, Security and Military Strategy

Join host Andrew Lemon, Professor Rimvydas Baltaduonis and student Blake Dudley as they discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine. In our first episode with a Gettysburg College faculty member, energy and security expert Baltaduonis provides insights into economic implications from the war and where the world should direct energy efforts moving forward. Dudley discusses his perceptions of the Russian military strategy and how it speaks to Russia’s larger end goals of political repression.

Episode 3: Up in the Air: Inflation and Spy Balloons

Inflation is digging a hole into the pockets of millions of Americans. Is the Federal Reserve doing enough? Too much? What about growing national security threats from China and Russia? Are there really spy balloons in the skies above us? Join host Andrew Lemon with fellow Gettysburg College students Owen Labruna and Clayton Brosend for a thoughtful discussion about our economy and International affairs. Hear what our students think about whether President Biden needs to ramp up fiscal policy, and national security threats at home and abroad.

Episode 2: Divided We Govern? Moving Forward with Partisanship

Gettysburg College junior Andrew Lemon hosts a conversation with fellow students Troy Ayado and Aidan Campo about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court, Georgia’s Senate runoff and the upcoming 118th Congress.

Episode 1: As Pennsylvania Goes, So Goes the Senate?

Gettysburg College junior Andrew Lemon hosts a conversation with fellow students Ella Prieto and Maddie Maier on the Pennsylvania Senate election, political polarization, and more in the runup to the 2022 midterm elections.