Katie Norris ’18 explores finance, economic development at Johns Hopkins

When Katie Norris enrolled in Gettysburg College’s health sciences program, she had no idea she would end up pursuing a career in finance—a journey that led her to pursue a Master of Finance degree at Johns Hopkins University. It started with her very first finance class at Gettysburg College, led by Economics Prof. Drew Murphy.

Prof. Drew Murphy teaches economics and leads the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Initiative (E-SII).

For those with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to begin a career in business, Gettysburg’s liberal arts curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach to the business world.

“Those classes taught me to explore new avenues, not to focus on just one thing, because there are so many things I have no idea about,” Norris said.

Norris put her finance skills to good use while interning at City Life Community Builders, an East Baltimore nonprofit that invests in distressed properties.

That inquisitive spirit led her to Johns Hopkins, where she joined the entrepreneurship fellowship and began an internship at a local nonprofit in Baltimore, providing construction jobs to disadvantaged men. The program, City Life Community Builders, works in East Baltimore to invest in and rebuild distressed homes.

The idea of combining service and entrepreneurship is one legacy of her Gettysburg experience.

“If we can start this entrepreneurship program in Gettysburg, why can’t we do it in Baltimore?” she said.

By Zeb Eckert
Posted: 03/13/19

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