Gettysburgives Challenge final results total 3,486 donors and $1 million

The College’s sixth annual Gettysburgives Challenge, held February 12 - 13, gained the attention of Gettysburg College donors across the country and around the world. Now that the final totals have been tallied, here’s how the Gettysburg community responded:

Surpassing our goal

A record 3,486 donors made gifts in support of our students and their Gettysburg experience. This total represents an increase of 177 donors—5.3 percent—over Gettysburgives 2019, and an astonishing 1,385 donors—66 percent—over the first year of the Challenge, held in 2015.

Our College community surpassed this year’s Gettysburgives Challenge initial goal of 2,623 donors—one for every Gettysburg student—by 863 donors.

On the heels of history

In response to the Challenge, gifts came from a wide range of destinations including Sante Fe, New Mexico; San Diego, California; and Beijing, China. In total, the Challenge raised $1,000,002—second only to 2019’s record-setting total of $1,091,274.

Parents answered the call

The number of current parents and parents of alumni making a gift exceeded 1,000 for the first time in Gettysburgives history. Our final tally of 1,174 parents represents an increase of 189—19 percent—over last year’s Challenge, and 712—154 percent—over the 462 parent donors participating in our very first 36-hour fundraising event five years ago.

Standout performers

A record 1,119 alumni athletes, student athletes, and parents of student athletes made gifts to an Orange & Blue sport designation this year. A special congratulations to Women’s Golf for the highest participation, and Women’s Soccer for most improved participation, through our competitive Bullets Teams Challenge. For our Student and Family Challenge, our Class of 2023 broke away from the pack.

Thanks for your support

Gettysburg College would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our generous Challenge sponsors: Barry ’65 and Barbara Wenger ’65 Shaw; Dave ’65 and Claudia ’66 Radin; Bob Parker ’84; P. Robert ’90 and Kimberly Moran ’90 Barnett; Lauren Alizio ’16; Helena and Charlie Rosenberg P’18; Greg and Marcy Rost P’20; Joe and Lauren Rieger ’21; and our Parents Leadership Council.

Your gift—no matter the amount—creates new opportunities for today’s students and strengthens Gettysburg College for future generations. Thank you to all who helped to make our biggest fundraising event of the year such a tremendous success, and for your continued support moving forward.

Make your gift to Gettysburg College.