Student profile: Katie Estell

WGS and Health Sciences double major

Katie Estell ’21
Katie Estell will pursue graduate studies in midwidery and women’s health


Katie Estell (they/them)


Senior Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) and Health Sciences double major

About Katie

I have always wanted to pursue an education in human health but it was not until I took my first WGS course, Women’s Health and Sexuality, that I truly felt called to study and practice women’s and reproductive health. The WGS major introduced me to the profession of midwifery and opened my mind and eyes to the issues and needs of people who menstruate and carry children – particularly women and people of color. In WGS classes, I have engaged with my peers, reckoned with pressing socio-political issues, and discovered my own sexual and gender identities. The intersectional teachings of the WGS Department have taught me to pursue justice and equity, and to value difference, both in myself and in others.

After graduation, I will pursue a Master’s of Science in Nursing with dual concentrations in Midwifery and Women’s Health. I hope to provide quality care in a non-threatening environment that welcomes folks of all genders and identities, as it is my goal to make reproductive healthcare more inclusive, empowering, and accessible for all.