Listen to podcast Episode 8 ‘COVID-19’s effects on local and national elections’

Tune in to a new episode of Gettysburg College’s podcast, Conversations Beneath the Cupola. In this episode, podcast host President Iuliano is joined by Chairperson and Prof. of Political Science Bruce Larson. Together, they explore how the COVID-19 outbreak has and will continue to impact ongoing primary elections across the country, how the administration's response to the health crisis today may affect the presidential election in November, and more.

“I keep thinking that Alexander Hamilton would be saying, ‘Let’s go. Let’s move along here. Let’s use everything we can to break this virus,’” Larson said in the episode.

The episode concludes with an anecdotal “Slice of Life” told through the president’s perspective. 

Iuliano spotlights biology major Julia Palmucci ’18, who read about an older couple who was anxious about visiting the grocery store amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and she saw an opportunity to help. She and a team of friends have since joined together to help at-risk populations by picking up their groceries or running other essential errands.

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Listen to episode 8

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