Prof. Nathalie Lebon learns as much as she teaches

Eighteen years ago, Prof. Nathalie Lebon chose to come to Gettysburg College because she liked the idea of being able to be both a teacher and a scholar. Currently, she serves as the Chair of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) Department.

In her position at Gettysburg, she teaches classes around gender issues, while also pursuing her own research. Her research for the past 20 years has focused on women's movements in Brazil, which began when she was a graduate student.

Prof. Lebon

Today, she loves seeing her own students complete similar research. “One of my favorite parts of my job is working on students’ capstones. I get to learn a lot. The students choose such a wide range of topics. Just reading their annotated bibliographies, I learn so much. I love having these small classes where we can really go in-depth to work with students—it's quite remarkable.”

In terms of the WGS Department, she loves how it collaborates with so many other disciplines. “Working in such an interdisciplinary program, I get to interact with people from all different areas. I really love my colleagues and it's wonderful that I get to meet so many people… Nature delights in diversity, and that’s true for gender expression as well.”

By Cameron Jury ’23
Posted: 12/05/22

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