Register a CBL Course

A Community-Based Learning Course at Gettysburg College should meet or be striving to meet the following criteria:

  1. Community partners are integral into the plan, design and implementation of the CBL project.
  2. Reciprocity can be clearly identified this course.
  3. The whole class is involved in community-based learning
  4. Students will be adequately prepared to work with the community.
  5. Students will critically reflect on their community experience and relate it to their coursework.
  6. Students and the community partner/s serve as co-educators for this course.
  7. Students, community partners and faculty are assessing the experience and outcomes.
  8. Credit is earned for learning not for service.
  9. CBL projects are reviewed by the IRB, if appropriate.

Register your Community-Based Learning Course

In order to the track, assess and ensure high quality community-based learning experiences, the Office of the Provost in partnership with the Center for Public Service, asks all faculty members to register their courses by completing the form below: