Photography & Video Services

Requesting Coverage

The college provides photographic and video coverage for print and online publication in consideration with marketing initiatives set forth by the office. We put priority on photographs that will run on the college’s website and alumni magazine. If we cannot provide a photographer for your needs, we can recommend outside freelance photographer options upon request.

Requesting Headshots

We do in studio headshots on the first Wednesday of the month between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Headshots take around 15 minutes and can be done on black, gray, or white backgrounds. If you are part of a group, please arrange to come within a singular hour block. Please use the photo request form to reserve your headshot.

Requesting Video

The college is able to produce short videos for department websites and other publicity purposes. We do not cover lectures or events for posterity purposes. Projects are ranked with priority to office goals and staff availability. Reach out to Miranda Harple at to submit a request for a short video project.

Video Livestreaming

The college is able to livestream events for publicity purposes on a limited basis of availability. Please ensure that your speaker is aware and agrees to having their talk or performance be recorded on video before you contact our office.