IDI Qualified Administrators

The following employees have been trained by the IDI, LLC to administer the IDI Survey and provide supportive individual and group IDI profile feedback.

Kurt Andresen, Associate Professor, Physics

Jeanne Arnold, Chief Diversity Officer

Josef Brandauer, Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Diane Brennan, Administrative Assistant, Public Policy Programs

Kathy Cain, Chairperson/Professor, Psychology

Veronica Calvillo, Associate Professor, Spanish

Jennifer Cole, Associate Dean of Academic Advising

Darrien Davenport, Assistant Secretary to the BOT, President’s Office/Assistant Vice President of College Life

Pam Eisenhart, Sr. Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Gavin Foster, Associate Vice President, Information Technology

Rhonda Good, Associate Provost for Planning, Facilities & Technology

Joe Gurreri, Major Gifts Officer

Sue Holz, Academic Administrative Assistant, Economics

Andrew Hughes, Executive Director, Garthwait Leadership Center

Alvaro Kaempfer, Professor, Spanish Department

Brad Lancaster, Director, International Student Services

Niamate Leeper, Coordinator of Employment & HR Diversity Initiatives, Human Resources

Jesse Mains, Coordinator of Institutional Diversity Initiatives, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

McKinley Melton, Assistant Professor, English

Matthew Moon, Director of Patron Services, Majestic Theater

Gary Mullen, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Gretchen Natter, Executive Director/Assistant Dean of College Life

Stina Niemann, Entrepreneurship and Career Mentoring Coordinator, Center for Career Engagement

Maria (Lola) Perez, Lecturer, Spanish Department

Alan Perry, Professor, Italian Studies

Jessica Rudy, Marketing Director, Majestic Theater

Susan Russell, Associate Professor, Theater Arts

Jack Ryan, Vice Provost

Adrienne Seitz, Assistant Vice President for Constituent Relations, College Advancement

Shawna Sherrell, Associate Director of Digital Strategy, Communications & Marketing

Amanda Shull, Administrative Assistant, Office of Multicultural Engagement

Megan Sijapati, Professor, Religious Studies

Divonna Stebick, Assistant Professor, Education

Brent Talbot, Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Music Education

Rod Tosten, Vice President, Information Technology

Tina White, Hiring/Scheduling Supervisor, Retail Dining

Henning Wrage, Associate Professor, German Studies

Cindy Wright, Director of EES Student Success and Well-being