Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Maximum payment by the College is $2000.00 of approved expenses as listed below, unless listed otherwise in the employee’s contract letter.

Please note that due to recent changes in the tax code, effective for moving expenses paid on or after January 1, 2018, all moving expense reimbursements or payments on behalf of employees are taxable and included as compensation.

  • First $1000.00 of eligible expenses reimbursed 100%.
  • Eligible expenses above $1000.00 reimbursed at 50%, with a maximum dollar reimbursement totaling $2000.00.

Eligible moving expenses will be paid one time, and the relocation of residence must be from outside a 50 mile radius of Gettysburg to within that radius of Gettysburg. Those eligible are newly employed full-time faculty and administrators. The following items will generally be eligible for reimbursement;

  • The reasonable cost of moving household goods and personal effects from the former residence to the new residence. In the case of an employee and spouse relocating from different locations, reimbursement will be provided from one location only.
  • The cost of packing, crating, and shipping furniture and other household items and personal effects of the employee and members of the household (dependents).
  • The cost of professional moving of household goods. All receipts, invoices, contracts, etc. must be signed and paid by the employee.
  • The expense of storing and insuring items for a 30-day period after moving out of the former residence and before delivery to the new residence.
  • The cost of only one trip per person may be reimbursed. All household members do not need to relocate at the same time. (Receipts must be submitted within one year from date of employment.)
  • Travel by car may be reimbursed using one of the following two options. The route taken must be the most direct. This is determined by the employer with the help of IRS guidelines. Side trips for sightseeing or other visits are not reimbursable.
  1. Actual expense of gas and tolls OR
  2. Payment for travel will be made at the mileage rate of $.18 cents per mile, plus tolls (or at the present IRS moving mileage rate).
  • Limited lodging accommodations will be paid if traveling more than a day’s journey en route to Gettysburg.
  • Storage and insuring of possessions for moving more than 30 days after moving out of the former residence.


The following expenses are not approved for reimbursement by Gettysburg College.

  • Cost of food/meals before, during, and after the move.
  • Incidental expenses and supplies.
  • Costs associated with selling the old residence, ending a lease, purchasing a new residence, acquiring a lease.
  • Cost of repairs, maintenance, depreciation, or insurance when traveling by car.
  • Side trips, sightseeing, or other visits while en route to the new location.
  • Moving expenses of tenants.

Faculty should submit a listing of expenses and receipts to the Provost's Office.
Administrators must submit their expenses and receipts to the Human Resources Office.