Tips for parents

Here are some tips for working at home with kids:

Give the kids attention first. Meet your kids’ needs first, then start your work, this way they are less likely to bother you while you are working.

Do your most focused work when the kids sleep.   If your kids do not nap, implement designated “quiet times” throughout the day to help you keep focused.

Switch between kids and work in time blocks. If your kids require more attention, block out a chunk of time to tend to their needs as opposed to trying to work and watch the kids at the same time.

Rotate childcare with your spouse or a friend. Pair up with your spouse, a family member or a friend to rotate time looking after the kids. Switch roles after your designated work time is over.

Take time to build your inventory of games.  Help your kids understand the rules so they can play independently while you work.

Assign a younger kid to an older kid. Tasking your older kid(s) to look after younger kids is a great way to create time for work. For siblings that are very close in age, you can assign one to be the “sitter” for a time block then have them switch roles.

Rotate activities and toys. Rotating toys in and out of a storage area can help create excitement about playing with toys, especially if they have not seen the toys in a month or two.

Rain or shine, send the kids outside. Make sure they have the right gear for any kind of weather and send them on their way.

Start an activity with them, and then leave. Sometimes kids just need a little motivation or direction to start an activity. As soon as your kid is having a good time and self-directing play, you can leave and get started working.

Promote self-directed play. Creating an easy access space for kids to play and do their hobbies.  Have the games and supplies ready for activities.

Resources for Learning at Home




Please note that this is not an endorsement of these products. This list has been compiled to provide parents with educational options for children who are at home while schools and childcare facilities are closed.