How do I...

Frequently Asked:

Change my network password?

Sign up for Duo Two-Factor Authentication?

Connect to Employee H Drive or Student H Drive?

Manage Clutter Folder in Office 365 (PDF)?

Check for Available Lab Computers?

Connect to the college's Wireless Networks? (students, employees, Alumni, and guests)

Register a Wireless Device Without a Browser?

Connect Game Device, TiVo, and TV Smart App Devices to the College’s network?

Connect Phone, Tablet or Mail App to my college email account?

Clear my cache?


Install printers?

Computing and Helpdesk

Submit an IT Helpdesk Ticket?

Configure Gettysburg Email? (Web Access, Outlook, save email to computer, over email limit, seniors)

Protect my computer using Free Antivirus software for students and home computers?

Check out AV Equipment?

Additional Resources

Find campus Telephone Information?

Get information on One Drive & Office ProPlus Employee Benefit?

Get information on Microsoft Home Use Program for Employees (PDF)?

Get information on Mathematica?

Get information on poster printing through Ricoh?