Institutional Analysis

The mission of the Office of Institutional Analysis is to provide objective, systematic, and thorough research in support of the College’s goals, planning, and decision and policy formation.

The Office provides the administration, trustees, faculty, and other internal and external constituencies of the College with information concerning the characteristics and performance of the institution. It serves as a primary source for College facts. Major activities include:

  • Collecting and analyzing data (e.g., conducting various institutional surveys), and producing research reports to assess learning environments, student engagement, outcomes, satisfaction, and institutional effectiveness;
  • Conducting retention and graduation studies and producing enrollment projections;
  • Compiling and updating the College Fact Book and Facts and Figures website;
  • Assisting academic departments, administrative units, and committees (e.g., Committee on Learning Assessment) with assessment and research activities, performing ad hoc data analysis for the leadership, and responding to internal data requests;
  • Serving as a primary contact for compliance reporting (e.g., IPEDS), and providing data to external groups (e.g., college guidebooks, AAUP);
  • Conducting peer benchmarking and data analysis of national trends related to the higher education environment;
  • Providing support for reaccreditation reviews and program reviews.