Mission & Values

The mission of the Office of Residential Education is to empower students to actively engage with the Gettysburg College community by fostering a safe and inclusive environment, supporting developmental transitions, offering opportunities to learn and grow, and strategically managing residential communities.

We are dedicated to:

  • Supporting the academic and educational mission of the College by providing opportunities for out-of-class learning
  • Effectively serving and working with resident students, staff and faculty of diverse backgrounds and views.
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility and challenging each other to grow
  • Providing a safe environment -- one that promotes both physical and emotional well-being
  • Connecting students to services within the college and the community at large
  • Working to create a positive, welcoming community of scholars

We believe that it is important to:

  • Be people of integrity; honest and ethical
  • Clearly articulate policies, procedures, and roles
  • Communicate openly and inclusively
  • Exercise freedom of thought and opinion in a spirit of mutual respect
  • Keep our minds open to new views and concepts
  • Make informed decisions based on evidence
  • Lead by example
  • Meet students' needs while respecting needs of others
  • Work for compassion and understanding
  • Respect others and show it
  • Take pride in our work
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Trust and be trustworthy
  • Uphold the standards of our profession
  • Work as members of a team