Determining the format of your event or meeting

When deciding if your event should be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model, we encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

Why does my event need to happen in person?

If there would be no difference between hosting the event in-person or virtually, organizations should consider hosting it through Zoom or another platform.

Is there a space big enough to fit my event if it is in-person?

If there is no space large enough to fit the meeting or event, it should be a hybrid model or completely virtual to comply with health and safety guidelines. (Please see the space occupancies section under Health and Safety Guidelines.)

Who could potentially be left out if I hold the event in-person?

If hosting an exclusively in-person meeting would prevent some members of the organization or the community from participating because they are in quarantine or studying remotely, the organization should provide a virtual option if possible.

Do I think attendees can abide by health and safety guidelines during the event or meeting?

If you do not believe attendees can wear face coverings except when eating or maintain six feet of physical distance, the event or meeting should be held virtually or canceled.