Meeting formats

The following list has recommended meeting models for student organizations to use while physical distancing requirements are in effect. This is not a comprehensive list as any meeting that can be done while meeting health and safety protocols is allowed.


These meetings are preferred for all regularly occurring full organization meetings since they limit the likelihood of transmission and allow students who are studying remotely or who are in quarantine to continue to participate.

Small in-person

These meetings can be held indoors or outdoors and can be used for group meetings if the organization is small enough, executive board or committee meetings, and small group trainings.


These meetings consist of a small in-person meeting with an option for more people to join the call over the phone or through a video streaming service.

Simultaneous small in-person

These meetings consist of multiple small groups meeting in-person and conferencing over the phone or video calls with one another. These meetings can be held indoors or outdoors depending on available technology and can be used when organizations need to work on projects simultaneously and need regular communication between the groups.

Large outdoor

These meetings should only be used if a large organization has to meet in person. These should not be used for reoccurring meetings since no rain locations will be available.