Sponsored Events vs Informal Gatherings

The College requires that all events and meetings sponsored by a student organization be registered by through the engageGettysburg platform. The College also recognizes that, at times, students who are in the same organization will gather for purposes not related to the group. Students should refer to the below table to help them determine when an event or meeting is a sponsored program, and therefore should be registered. This table is only a guide and does not represent a full definition of an informal gathering or a sponsored event as such a definition is contextual and must be assessed on a case by case basis.

Qualifying Factor

Informal Gathering

Sponsored Event or Meeting


The gathering occurs naturally with little or no planning

The event was planned in advance by the organization, its leadership, or members acting on behalf of the organization.


The event has elements of higher levels of planning such as a theme or activities that require advanced planning.


The event is co-sponsored with another organization.

Use of Organizational Funds

No items have been purchased for the event by an organization and individuals are consuming their own food and/or alcohol.

Attendees are using items purchased with organizational funds or consuming food or alcohol purchased by the organization or through a collection process.

Invitation Method

Attendees did not receive a formal invitation to the gathering.

An open invitation or coordinated guest list is used to determine who to invite.


Invitations are distributed in advance.


The event has more than 25 people in attendance and the event occurs in a space controlled by the organization or group.


The event has 25 or fewer people but also meets other criteria for a sponsored event.


Attendance is required or encouraged by an organization.


There are no clear sponsors of the gathering.

The event is occurring between two or more organizations.

Small and Impromptu Meetings

The College recognizes that not all business related to an organization will occur during sponsored meetings or programs. Therefore, one on one meetings; impromptu meetings that are small (< 5) or that occur between roommates, suite-mates, or housemates in their residence; or informal discussions that occur at gatherings where conducting organizational business is not the primary purpose are not required to be registered, but should be when possible.