Membership Policies


Fraternities and sororities are expected to only allow students that meet the College’s eligibility requirements to join their organizations and to maintain appropriate records of membership with the College.

Eligibility Requirements

Fraternities and sororities may only extend bids or invitations of membership to students that meet the following criteria:

  • Are of sophomore, junior, or senior status as determined by the Registrar.
  • Be in their second year at Gettysburg College or complete at least one year at another institution before transferring.
  • Be in good judicial standing with the College and not on conduct probation.
  • Agree to the College’s academic, judicial, and educational record release waivers.
  • Have at least a 2.200 GPA and/or meet council-specific GPA requirements.
  • Register for recruitment.

Individual students may be subject to a conduct resolution process for Unauthorized Membership through the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities if they accept a bid without meeting these requirements.

Unauthorized Membership

Fraternity and sorority membership, and its associated benefits, should be limited to students that meet the eligibility requirements of the College and have been reported as members to both the College and the organization’s headquarters. Students that are not registered and approved by the College that engage in organizational activities may be considered unauthorized members if they:

  • Pay money towards organizational operations;
  • Receive benefits from an organization not available to general students;
  • Attend events, activities, and/or meetings meant only for members;
  • Are referred to as a member, social members, or similar title by other members of the organization;
  • Are led to believe they have been accepted as a member by other members of the organization;
  • Are included in organization-specific communications; or
  • Engage in other activities with the implicit or explicit consent of the organization that would lead someone to believe they are a member.

College Recognized Membership Statuses

Once a student joins a fraternity or sorority the College will recognize that membership, and all the privileges and expectations associated with it, unless it is revoked by the organization or the individual permanently leaves the organization. The College does not differentiate between different membership statuses within an organization while a student is enrolled in classes, including but not limited to new member, early alumni, poor standing, or probation.

Removal of Members

If a student chooses to leave an organization or an organization revokes a student’s membership, a member of the chapter’s executive board must notify the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life to update the chapter’s roster. Removal of members from the chapter’s roster is subject to approval from an advisor or the organization’s headquarters.

Multi-Campus Chapters

Students that are members of organizations with multi-campus charters are expected to abide by all College policies while operating off campus including on those other campuses. Members from other campuses are expected to abide by all College policies while they are on Gettysburg College’s campus.

Affiliated Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Gettysburg College who are already affiliated with a fraternity or sorority may immediately affiliate with their organization if they wish to, including second-semester first-year students. The chapter must notify the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life that the student is being added as member. Adding a member in this way is subject to approval from the organization’s headquarters.

Alignment with Headquarters Membership Status

If an organization’s headquarters denies membership to a student or revokes the membership of a student, that student will not be recognized as a member of the organization by the College.