New Member Policies


Fraternities and sororities are expected to provide educational, relevant, and safe new member education processes focused on informing new members about the organization and building relationships in a way that respects the dignity, self-worth, and well-being of all students.

New Member Event Definition

Events, activities, and gatherings sponsored by a fraternity or sorority will be considered a new member event if:

  • The organization or its member designate or refer to the event, formally or informally, as a new member event;
  • The event is included in the new member education packet submitted to the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life;
  • New members are required to be at the event but not all initiated members are required to be at the event;
  • New members are required or reasonably believe they are required to be at the event in order to maintain their membership or avoid ridicule by initiated members;
  • The event is part of or held in conjunction with bid extensions, big/little activities, initiation, a new member education meeting; or
  • A person could reasonably believe that the event, activity, or gathering was part of the new member activities of an organization.

New Member Education Plan

Any chapter that wishes to take new members must submit a New Member Education Plan to the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life at least one week before they hand out bids. Chapters may not extend bids until their plan has been approved by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.
Plans must include the following information:

  • Learning outcomes for the new member education process
  • The length of their new member education process
  • A description of all events and activities for each week of the process
  • When and where initiation will occur and which advisor will be present
  • A calendar of all events, meetings, and other new member activities

Approved plans are provided to the chapter advisor and headquarters for review. If an advisor or headquarters requires significant edits to the plan, the College will revoke its approval until those changes are made.

Plans are also distributed to Head Coaches of Division III athletic teams as deemed necessary by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

Any changes made to the plan, including changes in time or location of events or meetings, after the initial submission must first be approved by the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

College New Member Education Requirements for New Members

All new members of fraternities and sororities are required to attend trainings and/or events related to the following topics:

  • Introduction to the fraternity and sorority community
  • Hazing prevention
  • Sexual assault prevention
  • Sober monitor expectations
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

If a new member is unable to attend any trainings and/or events that would fulfill a requirement they must notify the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life in a timely manner and identify an alternative event or training that would meet the requirement.

New Member Education Period Length

The new member education period begins the day after bids are accepted and all new members must be initiated within eight (8) weeks of that date. Chapters must indicate the length of their new member education process when they submit their new member plan and may not exceed that submitted length without approval from the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

Chapters may not have new member education processes that are longer than the maximum length allowable by their headquarters.

Time Restrictions on New Member Events and Activities

New member events or activities may occur between the hours of 7:00 am and midnight. New members may not be in chapter houses, suites, or residences of initiated members between midnight and 7:00 am Sunday night through Friday morning unless they have been approved by the College to live in those spaces.

Initiation Requirements and Verification

Chapters are required to have an advisor that is registered with the College or a staff member from their headquarters present at their initiation. The advisor or staff member must notify the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life that they were present and that the ritual was completed within one week of it occurring.

Alcohol use During New Member Activities

Alcohol is not permitted during any new member activities including but not limited to bid day, big/little reveal, and initiation. New members may attend chapter events where alcohol is present as long as they do not meet the definition of a new member event and there are no activities or expectations of new members during the event.