Attic Booking

Booking The Attic

The Attic can be reserved by using the 25Live Web System*. The location name is listed as WESTAT. Once you have submitted a request for The Attic, you will receive a supplemental Attic Application for additional information. This application will be reviewed and approved pending student staff availability and details of the event. Attic applications are reviewed once a week so please make sure to get your request in as soon as possible. Please note that Host Provider events must be requested a minimum 2 weeks before the event.

*You will need to have a 25Live account to submit a request. To create an account, please email Cathy Zarrella, Scheduling Coordinator at

Additional Information

Attic Operational Procedures - overview of hosting and staffing an event
Scheduling Guidelines - how and when we make scheduling decisions.

Technical Information

Attic DJ Technical Info
Attic Live Artist Technical Info

Gettysburg College Social Event Policy