Attic Operational Procedures

Application Process:

  1. The student/group completes a request on the R25 web system.
  2. The Attic committee reviews the application based on a number of factors. 
  3. The Scheduling Coordinator will inform student/group about status of application.
  4. On receipt of their letter of event approval, the student/group begins planning for their event.
  5. The Attic Staff will be in contact with student/group to review the details of the event including the Host Responsibility Agreement* at least one week prior to the event. 

*The Host Responsibility Agreement varies depending on the kind of event and the group hosting the event. 

Suggested volunteer roles for sponsoring organization:

Sponsors (point person required at all times)


Food: 1 volunteer

Furniture: 2-4 volunteers

Decorations: 2 volunteers

During event:

Check in/out: 2 volunteers

Roaming security/food: 3 volunteers

Alcohol Policies:

  1. Arriving students will need to provide valid Gettysburg College ID.
  2. Non-alcoholic beverages and sufficient snacks should always be available.
  3. Students wishing to consume alcohol (Host Provider events only):
    • must be verified by the Over 21 List
    • must have a wristband placed on them by a TIPS server
    • will be allowed up to 3 alcoholic beverages (12 oz. beer or 4 oz. wine) over a 3 hour period
    • must allow TIPS server to remove 1 wristband tab for each alcoholic beverage consumed
    • will be denied alcohol beverages if intoxicated