Student Conduct Review Board

Philosophy of the Code of Conduct

Gettysburg College seeks to establish and maintain an environment that provides for the development of the young adult as a whole person with an emphasis on inquiry, integrity, and mutual respect. The College expects its students to conduct themselves in all places and at all times in such a manner as to show respect for themselves, others, and the community. The Gettysburg College community fosters respect for the rights and dignity of all residents, including members of both majority and minority groups. Gettysburg College students are members of the academic College community, the greater Gettysburg community, and global society and are expected to abide by the College's policies at all times.

Important Links

Handbook of Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Gettysburg College Point System


The Student Conduct Review Board's (SCRB) membership is diverse and represents a vast array of campus constituencies. As dictated in the Code of Conduct the board's membership is comprised of:

  • Students appointed by the Student Senate
  • Professors appointed by the Faculty Council
  • Administrators appointed by the VP for College Life & Dean of Students

Listed above are the principal voting members of SCRB. When a panel of the board is convened, the chair, a non-voting member of the community will conduct the hearing. The panel will also consist of 3 students, 1 professor, and 1 administrator.

Listed below is the current roster for SCRB for the upcoming academic year:



  • Danielle Phillips
  • Keira Kant
  • Gretchen Natter

Students selected at the start of each academic year.


  • Megan Benka-Coker
  • Ivanova Reyes
  • Richard Lambert


  • Monique Gore, Brad Lancaster, Katy Mattson, Jonathan Allen, Andy Hughes, Jeff Foster

Want to be a Member of SCRB?

Applications are made available for students in the Spring Semester of every academic year through this webpage, digest posts, Student Senate meetings, and in the Office of College Life.

Application Process

  • Candidates are interviewed by the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities and/or the President of the Student Senate (or designee).
  • Candidates will then be notified by the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities if they have been accepted via email.

Applications for SCRB & Student Advocacy Council

Applications for the Student Conduct Review Board are now available.

Printable Application: SCRB Application (PDF)

Applications for the Student Advocacy Council are now available.

Printable Application: SAC Application (PDF)

Have Questions about SCRB?

Have questions about the Student Conduct Review Board and its processes? Feel free to contact the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities at 717-337-6907.