A Council Judicial Board Meeting, Conference, or Administrative Hearing may be appealed in writing by the President of Responding Organization and/or complainant within five (5) calendar days of the decision. The appeal may not be heard if, in the judgment of the administrator reviewing the appeal, the contents of the appeal letter fall outside the criteria for an appeal. In such a circumstance, the decision of the original conference or hearing is final.

Responding organizations may appeal a decision on the following basis:

Unreasonable Sanction: To determine whether the magnitude of the sanction(s) imposed was unreasonable for the violation of policy for which the organization was found responsible.

Procedural Error: To determine procedural error or absence of conformity with prescribed procedures during the investigative stage or any stage of the processing (including an error during the conduct resolution meeting) preventing either the Complainant or Respondent a reasonable opportunity to prepare and present information to the investigator; and/or

New Information: To determine if new information which was not available at the time of the investigative process could have affected the outcome of the case.

Organizations found responsible through Mutual Agreement may not appeal. Organizations that accept responsibility for a violation through any other resolution process may only appeal on the basis of Unreasonable Sanction.

Appeals for Council Judicial Board Meetings can be filed with the Director of Student Activities & Greek Life who may hear the appeal or choose a designee to hear the appeal.

Appeals for Conferences or Administrative Hearings can be filed with the Vice President for College Life and Dean of Student or their designee who may hear the appeal.

Decisions made as part of any appeals process are final.