Council Judicial Board Meeting


At the discretion of the Director of Student Activities & Greek Life, a Responding Organization belonging to the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Council may have conduct allegations resolved through a Council Judicial Board Meeting. A Council Judicial Board Meeting will not be used when an allegation involves hazing, aggravated hazing, bias incidents, physical assault, or sexual assault; when the organization has multiple violations of similar policies in the same academic year; when personal identifying information of students cannot be reasonably protected; or when a violation, if determined to have occurred, may result in organizational suspension or expulsion.

A Council Judicial Board Meeting is a meeting with the Judicial Board Representatives from the chapters in the respective council except for the representatives of any organizations alleged to have violated a policy during the incident being reviewed. The council’s advisor in the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life will be present at the meeting to serve in an advisory capacity for the Judicial Board. Judicial Boards have the autonomy to develop their own policies and procedures for conferences as long as they align with College policy and do not limit an organization’s ability to participate in the process.

During the conference, the organization will be given the opportunity to respond to the alleged policy violation and dispute the facts included in the report. The Judicial Board will submit a recommendation to the Director of Student Activities & Greek Life about if the organization violated a College policy or not and sanctions if applicable. The Director of Student Activities & Greek Life will either approve the recommendations, approve the recommendation with modifications to sanctions, or reject the recommendation. If the recommendation is rejected the organization will participate in a Conference with the Director of Student Activities & Greek Life or their designee.