Interim Measures


The College may impose interim measures on a Student Organization as outlined in the Community Standards. If an organization is placed on an interim status, the organization’s President and Campus Advisor will be notified in writing. The organization may be notified of the alleged violation that led to the interim measures provided it does not impact the safety or anonymity of individual students or the integrity of any investigation and/or conduct resolution process can be maintained. If the organization is a social fraternity or sorority, its Chapter Advisor, Housing Corporation President, and headquarters will be notified of the interim measures at the same time as the President and Campus Advisor.

The College may impose any interim measures they see fit to protect the safety and welfare of individual students or the community as a whole including but not limited to:

Interim Suspension of Activities. The loss of certain activities including but not limited to hosting events or meetings, using College facilities, using or requesting College resources including transportation or funding, gathering as an organization, recruiting new members, and conducting new member education until the conclusion of a conduct resolution process.

Interim Suspension. The organization may not conduct any activities or business without explicit permission from the College until the conclusion of a conduct resolution process. This includes but is not limited to hosting meetings or events, recruiting new members, participating in community activities or events, and sending organizational communications.

No Contact Order. The organization and its members may not communicate, or have someone communicate on their behalf, with one or more members of the community. This includes but is not limited to any verbal or written communication or communication through any electronic means such as social media, text message, or email.