Organizational Responsibility


Organizations are responsible for upholding the expectations of the College and for managing the behavior of their members and guests during events and activities that are sponsored or endorsed by the organization. Organizations must take measures to comply with College policies and can be held responsible if a violation occurs during an event, activity, or gathering where one or more of the following applies:

  • The organization is a sponsor;
  • It occurs in conjunction with or as a result of an activity that is sponsored by the organization (ex. after parties);
  • Organizational resources, including financial resources, are used;
  • Some or all members are required, or believe they are required, to participate in by the organization;
  • It occurs in a facility controlled by the organization including residential buildings and reserved venues on or off campus;
  • It occurs in a residence that is controlled by members of an organization;
  • The majority of those present are members of the organization; or
  • A person could reasonably believe the organization is a sponsor or has the authority to act to prevent a violation of College policy.

Organizations are also responsible for the actions of their members and can be held responsible if a violation occurs when those members are:

  • Representing the organization;
  • Acting on behalf of the organization;
  • Engaging in behaviors that are meant to benefit the organization;
  • Using organizational resources;
  • Acting as a result of feeling compelled to do so by a group of other members or a leader of the organization; or
  • When a person may reasonably believe the member is representing or acting on behalf of the organization.