Center for Global Education

If you are thinking about making global study a part of your education, you will be joining over 350 of your peers who study globally each year (almost 60% of the class of 2020). Gettysburg College considers global study to be a vital part of its academic program.

Students study globally for many different reasons. Whether you want to develop language skills, make your resume stand out from the crowd, build global competencies that are important to employers, and/or to add a special facet to your degree, you will find that global study gives you these opportunities—and many more. Students can study globally as soon as the first semester of their sophomore year, and as late as the first semester of senior year.

Anyone can, and everyone should, study globally. Please feel welcome to discuss any accommodation that will be necessary for you to study globally with a CGE advisor, or any questions you may have anticipating your experience off campus.

All students must meet the stated eligibility requirements in order to study globally. For detailed information about the Center for Global Education, please visit our website.